Danny's Photo Picks for the 2008 Dirty Dozen
The women's field awaits the start at the Washington Blvd. Track/Oval.

4th place women's finisher Lee-Ann Beatty registers with me.

Billy Kanarek and Kevan Rutledge sign-in with me.

37% Canton Ave. causes the most crashes.

Women's winner Patty Buerkle walking Canton just before I told her to try again.

After making it on her 3rd try, Patty and I watch other riders attempt Canton.

Atop the final hill, the top 3 women from left to right - 3rd place
Carol Clemens, 2nd place Whitney Severino, and winner
Patty Buerkle.

Atop the final hill, the top 5 men from left to right - 5th place Turner Johnson,
2nd place Colin Sandberg, winner Steve Cummings, 3rd place Chris Mayhew, and 4th place
{first rookie} Darin Shriver.

Winners Steevo and Patty wait for riders behind them to finish atop the last hill.