I am taking orders for the 30th Anniversary DD jerseys. I wanted to capture the essence of the DD on it's signature/flagship hill - 37% grade, cobblestone Canton Avenue in Beechview. This hill gets the most cheering fans, and poses the greatest challenge to riders because it's so technical (mountain biker's advantage). At least half the riders fail to make it their first attempt, so they keep trying - creating a carnival/circus-like atmosphere on the hill. The slogan on the jersey, "You're Gonna Need A Lower Gear" is taken from the classic 1975 movie "Jaws" scene when Roy Scheider's character Police Chief Martin Brody sees the shark for the first time and says, "You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat." to fisherman Quint (Robert Shaw).

They will cost $75 (in Big Bang Bikes Shop) and $80 (through my website - this includes $5 for postage & handling). If interested, please e-mail me at:


with your name, jersey size(s) and quantity, so that I will have some idea of how many jerseys to have printed up. Thanks to Danielle Hoskins of Primal Wear Clothing for transforming an actual photo into the artwork design on the jersey. Please use this sizing chart link. We can go even bigger (up to 5XL) if needed. Once they are done, they will be sold on my website and at Big Bang Bicycles.