The 1st Annual (1st running) of the Dirty Dozen was held on Saturday, December 17th. 5 riders rode on a freezing [high Temp. of 27 degrees F] and mostly cloudy day with light snow flurries in the middle of the ride. The riders were:

*Danny Chew
*Tom Chew
*Bob Gottlieb
*Ron Reider DNF
*Oscar Rattenberg DNF

* Denotes a first time rookie Dirty Dozen rider.

The hills were:

1. Center Ave./Guyasuta Rd.
2. Ravine St./Sharps Hill Rd.
3. Berryhill Rd.
4. High St./Seavey Rd.
5. Logan St.
6. Rialto St. (Pig Hill)
7. Suffolk/Hazelton/Burgess
8. Schimmer St.
9. Greenleaf St.
10. Welsh Way
11. Barry/Holt/Eleanor
12. Flowers/Kilbourne/Tesla

We did the whole ride in just 4 hours. Tom had a 26 cog, and Bob & I had 24's. We all left the start at Highland Park Reservoir with my father Hal following behind us in a car. Oscar quit after 2 hills, and Ron made it halfway. We stopped for hot tea from Hal after hill #7 (Suffolk). We lost Hal after hill #10 (Welsh Way). My upper body was totally shot after Barry H. Eleanor. Splitting the hill wins, my brother Tom & I were deemed co-strongmen. We dropped Bob on the longer hills.