The 2nd Annual (3rd running) of the Dirty Dozen was held on Sunday, October 7th. 5 riders rode on a cool [high Temp. of 50 degrees F] and sunny day. The riders were:

*Doug Grauel
Danny Chew
*Jay Wolkoff
Ron Reider
*Barry Ward

* Denotes a first time rookie Dirty Dozen rider.

Doug borrowed a 24 cog freewheel from me. Twas a 6 hour ride. Ron set a new DD high low gear record with a 42x23. Doug was the clear strongman, although I won Logan the 1st time we went up it. Barry had bike trouble. Atop Logan, Doug's seat came loose, so we rode back down to Laurie Martin's (triathlete Mac's wife) Millvale home, but nobody was home. We did Logan twice. Ron flatted on Pig Hill. I did Canton 4 times including once in a 42x18 gear with weaving. Jay did Canton in a 42x19 without weaving. I popped 2 spokes on Flowers/Tesla. Jay & Doug compared the hills to ones they had seen in a Martinique stage race they did earlier in the year.